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Centaurus High School




​​Our goal is to optimize school success for all students in the academic, career, and personal-social domains.



Counseling Calendars
Follow these links to calendars with counseling related events.  You can click on the Calendar icon to have the calendar added to your personal google calendar.
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Welcome to the Centaurus High School Counseling web page. The information here is designed to help support students and parents through the high school years. The mission of the CHS Counseling Department is to prepare ALL students to be college/career ready by planning a meaningful course of study, assisting students to academically achieve, and helping them grow and develop as lifelong learners.  

Counselor academic case loads are alphabetically sorted by the student's last name.

Counselor Academic Caseload alpha breakdown:  Last name starting with the letter: 
A - G  Sophia Ruiz  720-561-5827
H - Q Dave Platt 720-561-5828
R - Z Sarina Gonzales 720-561-5365
Colorado Youth for Change, Academic Interventionist Emily Nielsen 720-561-7680
Counselors are here to provide support in the following areas:
Academics - To acquire academic behaviors and strategies for success in key content areas with emphasis on writing skills, reading skills, and algebraic concepts.

College/Career Plans - To develop post high school goals, to create a yearly action plan, and to understand college entrance and costs.

Personal/Social Growth - To gain knowledge and develop interpersonal skills, and to understand and respect oneself and others.
Counseling Support Staff: 
Counseling Administrative Assistant:  Marla Joy Leonard 720-561-5354
Intervention and Prevention Specialist:  Mayasa Hubbard 720-561-5364
Community Liaison:  Gabriela Garcia 720-561-7551 
Registrar:  Lucy Nash 720-561-5360
IB Coordinator:  Johanna Lohr 720-561-7556
How to see your counselor:
Students: you are welcome to drop in before or after school, or during lunch. If your counselor is not available you can make an appointment for your counselor with Marla Joy Leonard.  
We want to respect learning time so our goal would be to schedule a time while you are not in class if possible.  
Parents: You are encouraged to call and make an appointment by either contacting your students counselor directly (Email is preferred method) or contacting Marla Joy Leonard. You can also drop by but you may not be able see your student's counselor due to meetings with students/staff.  



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 Counseling Staff



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David Platt{d00bead2-07c2-48c2-a7ab-da68fd86f933}David PlattCOUNSELORGP0|#ddfac0f7-65ed-413d-8e58-e4fdedad76ed;L0|#0ddfac0f7-65ed-413d-8e58-e4fdedad76ed|Counseling;GTSet|#047c81e0-37dc-4eae-934f-e677abc2b456;GPP|#36b67266-b883-4ee8-ae6b-b9d14b9826e2;GPP|#980f1f2d-d1e8-4885-9a6e-4d8a43f2f64e;GPP|
Sophia Ruiz{d00bead2-07c2-48c2-a7ab-da68fd86f933}Sophia RuizCOUNSELORGP0|#ddfac0f7-65ed-413d-8e58-e4fdedad76ed;L0|#0ddfac0f7-65ed-413d-8e58-e4fdedad76ed|Counseling;GTSet|#047c81e0-37dc-4eae-934f-e677abc2b456;GPP|#36b67266-b883-4ee8-ae6b-b9d14b9826e2;GPP|#980f1f2d-d1e8-4885-9a6e-4d8a43f2f64e;GPP|