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BVSD Activities Information

 Student Organizations

Student clubs and organizations may be proposed by either students or a school faculty member pursuant to Board Policy IGDA.  Applicants should confer with the building administration regarding appropriate organizational steps.  Any student group seeking recognition as a student organization shall submit a written application to the Activity Director.  Applications shall be made on District approved forms IGDA‐E1, Application form for School‐Sponsored Student Academic Organizations or IGDA‐E2, Application form for Student Organizations.

Category 1:  School‐Sponsored Activities

Certain school activities are considered to be a part of the school program and are not required to request recognition when operating under the direction of the principal.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • School Yearbook
  • School Newspaper
  • Choirs and Choruses
  • Bands, Orchestra, and related ensemble
  • Forensics, Radio, and Thespians
  • Plays and Musicals
  • Pep Clubs
  • Student Council
  • Vocational Education Clubs
  • National Honor Society
  • Athletics and Intramurals
  • Formal grade level class organizations
  • School‐sponsored substance abuse and substance counseling groups
  • School‐sponsored outdoor and environmental education programs
  • Academic Competitions


  • Associated faculty provides
  • Negotiated Agreement defined
  • Paid

Category 2:  School-Sponsored Academic Organizations

Direct extension of one/more classes
Not just abstract relationship to educational goals
Not related only to topics, broader curriculum. 
Enhance classes
Supplements course work
Sponsor must be faculty
Sponsor teaches core academic area
Sponsor is unpaid
Sponsor must attend all meetings

Sponsor supervises and advises

Category 3: Student Initiated and Led Organizations


  • Secondary only.

  • Student Initiated and Led.

  • Recognized, but not school sponsored or endorsed.

  • Voluntary, open to all currently enrolled students at school.


  • Must be a staff member.

  • Adequate supervision of all meetings and activities to principal's satisfaction.

  • Staff member does not sponsor, just provides general supervision.

  • Staff member may not participate in club's activities.

  • Staff member will not supervise events.