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BVSD Guidelines For Student Organizations


​Student clubs and organizations may be proposed by either students or a school faculty member pursuant to Board Policy IGDA.  Applicants should confer with the building administration regarding appropriate organizational steps.  Any student group seeking recognition as a student organization shall submit a written application to the Activity Director.  Applications shall be made on District approved forms IGDA‐E1, Application form for School‐Sponsored Student Academic Organizations or IGDA‐E2, Application form for Student Organizations.

Category 1:  School‐Sponsored Activities

Certain school activities are considered to be a part of the school program and are not required to request recognition when operating under the direction of the principal.  These include, but are not limited to:
  • School Yearbook.
  • School Newspaper.
  • Choirs and Choruses.
  • Bands, Orchestra, and related ensemble.
  • Forensics, Radio, and Thespians.
  • Plays and Musicals.
  • Pep Clubs.
  • Student Council.
  • Vocational Education Clubs.
  • National Honor Society.
  • Athletics and Intramural's.
  • Formal grade level class organizations.
  • School‐sponsored substance abuse and substance counseling groups.
  • School‐sponsored outdoor and environmental education programs.
  • Academic Competitions.
  • Associated faculty provides.
  • Negotiated Agreement defined.
  • Paid.

Category 2:  School-Sponsored Academic Organizations

  • Direct extension of one/more classes.  
  • Not just abstract relationship to educational goals.  
  • Not related only to topics, broader curriculum.  
  • Enhance classes.
  • Supplements course work.
  • Sponsor must be faculty.
  • Sponsor teaches core academic area.
  • Sponsor is unpaid.
  • Sponsor must attend all meetings.
  • Sponsor supervises and advises.

Category 3: Student Initiated and Led Organizations

  • Secondary only.
  • Student Initiated and Led.
  • Recognized, but not school sponsored or endorsed.
  • Voluntary, open to all currently enrolled students at school.
  • Must be a staff member.
  • Adequate supervision of all meetings and activities to principal's satisfaction.
  • Staff member does not sponsor, just provides general supervision.
  • Staff member may not participate in club's activities.
  • Staff member will not supervise events.