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 About Centaurus Engineering

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About Centaurus Engineering
In our fast-changing, technology-rich world, all students regardless of their career path benefit from improved understanding of science, math, engineering, and technology that are found every day in the world around them. Engineers make a difference in the world -- come join us!
Centaurus Engineering strives to expose, excite, and prepare students for college engineering programs. Forty percent of students at Centaurus are enrolled in one of these engineering courses: 

-Introduction to Engineering Design
-Design & Manufacturing(Robotics)
-Civil and Architectural Engineering
-Biotechnical Engineering
-AP Computer Science Principles
-Aerospace Engineering
-Engineering Design and Development
-IB Design Technology

-IB/AP Computer Science (SL/HL)

Here is what our students say about Centaurus Engineering:
"Next year, I will be attending Colorado State University in Fort Collins studying Civil Engineering. Coming into high school, I never thought I would study engineering in college but while in the engineering program at Centaurus, I found my passion for the field. After taking the Civil and Architectural Engineering class my junior year, I knew that was what I wanted to study. In Senior Design this year, myself and two other girls designed a green school. We are all interested in either architecture or the environment and therefore were able to apply those interests to our project. We designed a floor plan built around the idea of incorporating lots of natural light and placed green components in our school including something we designed called micro-hydropower, which generates energy from waste water." -Casey  

"Over the summer, I'm pursuing an engineering internship with Ball Corporation. I became interested in the sciences my freshmen year in the intro to engineering class. The invaluable knowledge passed onto me from the teachers and the engineering program at Centaurus showed me just how applicable engineering is in almost every field. I'm pursuing my passion for math and physics at Colorado School of Mines in the Fall. I don't know what I'll major in yet, but I'm excited to have the opportunity to expand upon my education and have fun in college."- Wenli 

"I have been a part of the Centaurus Engineering for four years, having taken Intro to Engineering Design, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Civil and Architectural Engineering, and IB Design Technology. This summer I hope to build my second unmanned aerial vehicle (I built my first last July and it crashed in January) and get my private pilot’s license. I have had a long-standing fascination with just about anything that flies, and this fall I will be attending the University of Colorado at Boulder for aerospace engineering."-Grant 

"Since middle school I've known that I was meant to be an engineer. When the opportunity to graduate a year early and go on to CU Boulder to pursue my dream came up, I jumped on it. I cannot wait to be a Buff next year and fulfill my dream of becoming a biomedical engineer!"-Cameron 

"Next year I am going to CU Boulder for environmental engineering. I chose environmental engineering because a big focus in it is clean water, which is something that I am very interested in. I want to be able to travel to places where clean water is an issue and make it accessible.  I am in the Global Engineering Residential Academic Program (RAP) at CU. The global engineering RAP is a program that is in my dorm. It is to prepare us for engineering around the world by teaching us and exposing us to different cultures. It also has the goal if getting us to be fluent in Spanish."-Juliette

"I'm a first-generation college-bound student heading to CU Boulder, majoring in Computer Science. I've always had a love for computers and programming, and I'll have the fortune of having a paid internship with the ITS, the research and engineering division of the NTIA, the National Telecommunications & Information Administration, a section of the US Department of Commerce."-Robert



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