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Upcoming College Visits

College Planning for Seniors

College Planning for Juniors

Click HERE for the Junior presentation on career and college planning.

Steps for Completing a College Application
Number One Rule: Watch Your Deadlines. Applications will be processed in the order they are received. You must allow at least 10 school days for the counseling office to process your applications. There are often advantages to completing your applications well ahead of any deadlines.
  1. Obtain an application from each school to which you are applying.
    * ONLINE: Colleges allow and prefer you to apply online
  2. Read each application carefully.
    Watch for these items:
    • If you will require a COUNSELOR RECOMMENDATION (see notes on COUNSELOR REC)
    • If you will require an ESSAY, (see notes on ESSAYS).
    • Watch for DEADLINES and for ADDITIONAL MAILINGS REQUIRED (like mid-year reports).
  3. Complete each application carefully.
    Be Complete; Be On Time. Make sure your application reflects you at your best. 
  4. Complete a blue "Application Cover Sheet" for each application. 
    • Check to see if your letters of recommendation have been turned in using Naviance. Not all colleges require letters. Go to the "Colleges" tab, "Colleges I'm Applying To" and it will show the teacher's name and if the recommendation has been completed.
    • Complete a blue cover sheet for each school to which you are applying - available in the counseling office.
    • If paying the college application fee by check, please mail it yourself.
    • Attach four dollars ($4) for the processing fee.
  5. Have your official ACT/SAT results sent to each school.
    If you did not request that scores be sent to the colleges you are applying to when you took the test, you can request scores be sent by going to (ACT) or to request official scores be sent (there will be a fee). ACT & SAT scores are not included on your high school transcript that is sent to colleges.
    NOTE: Don't wait to send in your application until you have received the scores from your latest test. You can make a note on your application of the date of the test. The college will add your scores to your application when the scores arrive from ACT /SAT.
  6. Your counselor will submit the completed application.
    All of the necessary materials, including your transcript, will be submitted depending on how the college prefers to receive the material. You do not need to worry about providing an envelope or postage - that's what the $4 processing fee is for!
Common Application
Common Application Some schools allow you to use the Common Application to apply to several schools using the same basic form. Please be careful and note that there are several different pieces that have to be accessed and completed individually. Also check to see if the school requires an additional supplement to the Common Application. You will also need to link your Common Application to your Naviance account. Click here to learn how to link your Common App to Naviance.
If a college accepts the common application but also has their own application, PLEASE use the common application.
Counselor Recommendation
(Only Required for Some Colleges)
If your application will require a recommendation or comments from your counselor, you should complete the letter of recommendation request in Naviance. This information helps your counselor write a good and comprehensive recommendation. The best method is to complete the survey fully and carefully, and schedule a meeting with your counselor.
Letters of Recommendation
(Only Required for Some Colleges)
If you will require letters from teachers, you should complete and give a request form (yellow) to each teacher. These forms are available in the counseling office. If you are using the Common Application, this must be noted to the teacher on the request form. The teacher will upload your recommendation to Naviance. These letters are considered confidential, so the counselor cannot show them to you.
Note: Colleges typically like to see letters of recommendation from core subject area teachers (10th & 11th) and usually do not require more than 1-2 letters.
Allow plenty of time. If a deadline may be a problem, point out the date on the request form to the teachers and make sure they will be able to complete the references on time. Teachers should be allowed at least 3 weeks to write your letter.
**Your request date of completion should not be the same date as your college admission deadlines - remember the counseling office needs 10 school days to process your paperwork once we have received the letters.
To check to see if your letters of recommendation have been turned in using Naviance 1.) Go to the "Colleges" tab 2.) "Colleges I'm Applying To" and it will show the teacher's name and if the recommendation has been completed.
FERPA Release: There is a green release form that must be signed by the student and a parent for all students who are requesting letters of recommendation from a staff member.
If your application requires an essay, a handout is available from the counseling office. There are also many sites on the Internet with tips and advice. You may find it helpful to show your rough draft to a Communications teacher and/or other readers to get input. Make sure your final copy is carefully checked for grammar and spelling. It is usually acceptable to do the essay on the computer and print it on plain paper rather than copying it into the application. Put your name and social security number on each page of your essay so it is easy to identify if it gets separated from the rest of the application.
If you are applying online, no one will get a chance to proof read it for you. It is a good idea to follow the above advice, get the essay into a letter-perfect form on your computer, then "copy and paste" into the application.
Your essay is your chance to make a personal impression - make it a good one!
- See more at:
Are you interested in playing a sport in college?
Click here to visit the NCAA Eligibility Center

Information about Division I requirements can be found here.

More information about Division II
requirements can be found here.

More information about Division III requirements can be found here.

Boulder Valley School District courses that meet NCAA requirements can be found here. Centaurus High School's  CEEB/ACT Code is 060865.

Click here to watch an interesting video on the reality of Scholarships in College Athletics  
Think athletic scholarships are a 'holy grail'? Think again For many young athletes and their families, the dream of playing college sports is very different from the reality

Important Information for the class of 2016 and beyond

NCAA eligibility requirements are changing. Information about the new requirements can be found here
Click HERE for an excellent list of college website resources.  This comprehensive lists includes searching for post graduate options, colleges, scholarships, etc.  Check it out!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many colleges should I apply to?
There is no magic number of colleges a student should apply to; it is very individual.  Students should have a balance of reach, match, and safety schools on their list of colleges they're applying to.
On average students will apply to between 4 and 10 colleges and universities.

What is the Common Application?
The common application is a college application that is accepted by over 500 Colleges and Universities around the world.
The common application can be found
Some institutions have supplemental components in addition to the common app - pay attention to these details.
You should apply using the common app if you have more than 1 school you are applying to that accepts the common application.

What is different about the Common Application?
Students complete 1 set of information and send to all schools that accept it - saves time!
Students need to enter common app username and password information into Naviance to be matched to their common application
Common application schools share a committment of promoting access through a holistic admissions process.
You will need one counselor and one teacher recommendation in order to send your common application materials from Centaurus to the institutions.

If I'm not using the common application where can I find applications?
All colleges and universities have their admissions applications linked to their websites.  You can access these applications through Naviance, or the admissions page on the school's website.

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